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Products > Bacterial Infection Test > > BV-PH women vaginal Test Cassette BV-V02F
Product name : BV-PH women vaginal Test Cassette BV-V02F
Item : BV-V02F
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BV-PH women vaginal Test 

Vaginal fluid 








BV-PH Women Vaginal cassette test

format: cassette

Model No:BV-V01F

For in vitro use only

high sensitivity


Summary about vaginal pH.:

Much like other parts of the body, a woman vaginal has a pH. A healthy vagina is slightly acidic, with a pH usually 
in the range of 3.8 to 4.5. The acidity of the vagina helps control bacteria and prevents the infection-causing 
types of bacteria. When vaginal pH is not in the normal range, it may indicate an infection.

The vaginal infection test is based on a change of PH. After a sample is collected from the vagina using a swab,
it is placed on the test that changes its color with a change of PH. Since the infection occurs at a different pH, 
we can determine if there is infection or not.

There usually are symptoms with an infection. The Kit is intended for use by women who have itching, burning,
unpleasant odor or unusual discharge.

How to do the test?

  1. Wash hands and dry them thoroughly.
  2. Take out the test from the package and lift the seal to remove the pH test and guide. The test has a easy

       to grip handle on one end and pH paper on the other. Don’t let the end with the pH paper touch anything 
       before using.

  3.  Hold the handle of the test as shown, between your thumb and forefinger.

  4.  Choose either of these positions: Sit with knees spread apart or stand with the foot on the toilet seat. With your free hand, gently spread apart the folds of skin at the vaginal opening.

  5.  Notice what side of the slim end of the test has the pH paper on it.Gently insert only the slim end of the swab into your vagina until the wider end of the handle rests against the outside skin of the vagina.

  6.  Once inserted, gently tilt the test so the thumb side with the pH paper on it touches the inside wall of the vagina. Press for 5 second. Remove the swab, being careful not to touch the pH paper to anything.      Read the results immediately.


  • For the only by women with normal menstrual periods.
  • This is not a test for disease such as Group B Streptococcus or Sexually Transmitted Disease (STDs) such as HIV, Chlamydia, Herpes, Gonorrhea or Syphilis. An STD can exit at any pH. If you think you might have an STD, see your doctor.
  • Do not use this kit until 72 hours after application of vaginal preparations like contraceptive creams and internal yeast infection products (anti-fungal agents).
  • Do not use this test kit until 48 hours after sexual intercourse or douching.
  • Do not use this kit during your period and until 5 days after your period is over.
  • Do not use this kit and see your health provider immediately if you have abdominal pain, fever, chills and/or abnormal vaginal bleeding.


  • Each of the following can increase vaginal pH levels if present in the vagina when you test for pH: cervical mucus, blood, semen. Perimenopause (low estrogen) or menopause (lower estrogen) may also cause an increase in vaginal pH.
  • Incorrect kit results can be caused by contact with blood, semen or certain vaginal products.
  • Reading the pH test under fluorescent light might result in a pH reading that is higher than it really is.
  • Use each pH test one time only.

Please read instructions carefully before use.


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